Tipp | 280A | Unseen Amsterdam

280A | Unseen Amsterdam
21. September 2018 bis 23. September 2018


Unseen Amsterdam 
21. - 23. September 2018

Bildrecht announces the participation of Vienna based art collective 280A at Unseen Amsterdam!

280A is an association of artists and curators with a strong focus on contemporary art and post photographic practice. Prior to their upcoming participation at Unseen Amsterdam, 280A was selected as winner in the
"2018 Art Trail powered by Tesla", for their compelling investigations and futuristic approach addressing innovation, sustainability, future and disruption. 

For Unseen Amsterdam Co-Op ten artists from the collective submitted photographs on the topic of emotionality and sentimentality against the backdrop of virtualization and the reduction to surfaces. The individual position of each artist is merged into a complex, multi-layered visual nexus in which the idea of individual authorship is abandoned in favour of a collective representation. The resulting works experiment with visual fragmentation and digital photographic techniques.

With the sentence “NOW THERE SHOULD BE VISUAL SILENCE” the visitors of Unseen Amsterdam enter 280A art intervention, a room to experience a break from the multiple sensory impressions and the visual overload of an artfair. A space for visual silence, an existential void. In this void, the visitor can - while floating on the water bed - listen to an meditative audio talking about the idea of floating in a visual cloud and merging with a photographic idea of collective authorship.

Represented artists:
Christiane Peschek (AT), Michaela Putz (AT), Philipp Pess (AT/DE), Claudia Kraus (AT), Linn Phyllis Seeger (DE), Claudia Reis (PT), Cihad Caner (TR/NL), Dorotka Kaczmarek (PL), Apostolos Zerdevas (GR), Martin Bollati (AR), Magdalena Zoldez (UK/PL).

More information on the webpage of 280A



280A, installation detail, Unseen Amsterdam 2018, courtesy of 280A.



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